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Our mission is to empower and assist aspiring rural entrepreneurs who do not have enough resources to be able to get their businesses off the ground or are operating with limited equipment, for these aspiring entrepreneurs getting business loans is almost impossible, they operate out of make shift tin shacks, these are the kind of people that can make a huge difference to the economy if given the right opportunity and resources. Our project aims to replace the make shift tin shacks with 6m shipping containers with branding of their business and providing them with the necessary equipment and training to run their businesses effectively.

Life Survival will also focus heavily on agriculture, the economy is in on a downward spiral, unemployment is escalating and the price of basic foods is on the rise. Droughts and other effects caused by weather and pollution need to be addressed too. We want to target the ambitious individual, young or old as well as the unemployed in rural areas. We want to make them self sufficient by teaching them various skills of growing their own food. As it is known that food security is the prime factor that empowers a nation. In succeeding in this mission, we will be creating a country that could flourish in agriculture, and possibly turn these rural areas into economic hubs

The reality is that the majority complete school and cannot afford to go to university, they migrate to the urban areas without proper education or skills seeking employment in the cities and when they do not to get any employment, they then end up sitting at street corners desperate for an income and eventually succumbing to crime. If we can encourage them to learn farming skills in the rural areas and cultivate the land thus becoming subsistent farmers, the result could have an overwhelmingly effect on the economy of our country turning the rural areas into economic hubs.

The reality of South Africa is our rural population has long been forgotten. When driving through these areas, a person will noticeably observe young or old unemployed individuals trying to make a living from the limited resources available to them, if given the opportunity these aspiring rural entrepreneurs and farmers could turn the tide on migration to urban areas.


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The banking details:
FNB Corporate Branch
Account No: 62581649418
Account name: Life Survival Project
Branch code: 250655
Swift number: FIRNZAJJ
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Please fax or e mail your EFT or direct deposit to:
E-mail: admin@lifesurvival.co.za
Fax: 086 671 2134
Cell: 082 886 6604
P.O. Box 2924 Brooklyn Square 0075


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